Fabulosity Mantra

You Deserve To Be Awesome

Ladies, what’s the point of being a woman if you aren’t fabulous? By learning how to be awesome and putting it to use in your own life, good things will start coming and happening to you on a regular basis.

Fabulosity Mantra

Being fabulous implies making the decision to go beyond what’s expected at all times. On the flip side, if you do the least you can to meet a baseline expectation, then you’re cheating yourself of that opportunity. This sounds like the lecturing of a school principal, but it’s true. The collection of missed opportunities adds up, leading to a huge deficit. Imagine the difference between investing $100 with a 5 percent return versus investing the same $100 with a 105 percent return. The divergence in value continues to compound over time. This is what happens in life. You get out of life what you put in, and the results are compounded daily.

So when we say fabulous you its not just an investment into looking good, but investment into your personal brands. The face of your business, your ideas and the weight of your credibility. They say you only get one chance to make a good impression, we say passing through FYB gives you a new chance every time.

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